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ZYXT Hemodialysis Pure Water Equipment



Chengdu pure water equipment - product description of hemodialysis pure water equipment

■ The control system adopts PLC control, automatic startup and automatic flushing procedures, completely inhibits the growth of bacteria and endotoxin, and has system self-checking, automatic protection of water and power failures
■ The reverse osmosis host adopts imported reverse osmosis membrane and pipe fittings and other international quality components, the dissolved salt removal rate is ≥99%, and the water recovery rate is ≥75%
■ Direct water supply, airtight, constant pressure, no dead space, large circulation device to avoid bacterial growth and pollution.
■ The water quality requirements are in line with the American AAMI/ASAIO hemodialysis water standard and the YY0572-2005 industry mandatory standard.


Influent water sourceTotal dissolved solids content TDS<200ppm, water pressure 1.0-5.0kg/cm2 Optimal working water temperature 25℃
Water volume (L)100L/H250L/H500L/H1000L/H1500L/H2000L/H
Power (KW)0.1-0.51.1-1.52.8-3.54.5-9.55.5-106.8-10
Effluent quality
Conductivity 5<μs/cm, removal rate of ions, heat sources, bacteria and microorganisms ≥ 99%
Host size (mm)800*580*8001500*550*8001500*800*1200
Weight (kg)<100KG<400KG<800KG
Scope of applicationCounty-level hospital disinfection supply room water (all kinds of washing machines, cleaning vehicles, ultrasonic cleaning, high pressure sterilization equipment supporting use), hospital pharmacy department, supply department preparations, preparations, dispensing water container cleaning water.Water for disinfection supply rooms in large hospitals (all kinds of cleaning machines, cleaning vehicles, ultrasonic cleaning, and autoclave sterilization equipment are used together), and water for cleaning preparations and dispensing water containers in hospital pharmacy departments and supply departments.
water tankStandard 100LStandard 250LStandard 500LStandard 1000LStandard 1500LStandard 2000L


Hospital hemodialysis water such as: Fresenius, Jinbao, Braun, Nikki, Toray, Nipro, Belk, Baxter, Duotai, Shanwaishan, Weili and other hemodialysis equipment.
Ordering instructions:
The water production volume of this product refers to the rated water volume of the RO membrane when the water temperature is 25°C. For every 1°C decrease in the water temperature, the RO membrane water production volume decreases by about 3%. When the water temperature is lower than 5°C, the RO membrane will stop producing water. When ordering the type, the factors of the water temperature drop in winter in the area must be taken into account;
■ The material and capacity of the water tank can be changed, and the source water booster pump and control system can be selected according to different source water conditions