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Lab Water System
High TDS Water Purification Machine double Stage Reverse Osmosis RO System

ZYDC double stage reverse osmosis pure water machine is specially designed for high TDS area's water purification. It's mainly used for laboratory analysis, glassware washing, reagent preparation, microbial culture, etc.

Specifications of 2 Stage RO System: 

ZYDC-I-20L/H -----ABS Plastic Main machine with conductivity meter monitoring online + Double RO system+3.2gallon pressure water tank .

 Raw water condiction

 TDS≤ 500ppm;    water pressure≤0.1-0.5MPa;   flow rate: 1.8-2.0L/min;   

    working temperature: 5-45℃.(The best working temperature is 25℃.)

 Bench type5/10/20L/H; ABS Housing    
 Floor type20/40/60L/H; Mental Housing    
 First stage RO water< raw water's conductivity*2%    
 Second stage RO waterconductivity: 1-5us/cm (monitoring online)    
 UP water quality------------  


Resistivity: 18.25MΩ.cm(monitoring online); 

Heavy ions<0.1ppb;

Microparticle(0.2um)<1 unit/ml;


Configurationconductivity meterROEU-I+ultrapure cartridge

Bench type: 51*38*57cm, 30-35kg;

Floor type: 55*42*115cm, 40-65kg.

Packing size

Bench type: 63*47*69cm, 32-37kg;

Floor type: 64*52*125cm, 42-67kg.

Working Process:


1. Pre-treatment system: PP cotton + AC +G-PHOS;

1.1 5um PP cotton: filtrate sediment, silt, rust, suspended matter, algo, colloid and other particles.

1.2 Active carbon filter: adsorb free chlorine, pigment, smell and parts of microorganism.

1.3 G-PHOS: prevent formation of CaCO3 and MgCO3 and change hard water to soft water.

2. RO membrane: It has high removal rate more than 99% for high valent ions, colloids, bacteria and organic matter (including endotoxin) with molecular weight greater than 300Dalton.

3. ZYDC-II Ultra pure system: Ion exchange resin using H + exchange cation out the water in the filter ,using OH- exchange anions out the water  , the replaced H + and OH- combined to produce H2O, ultra-purified column filling the United States Dow UPW-450 Ultra-pure water for nuclear grade resin, the water resistance of up to 8-10 MΩ.cm. 


Fully automatic microcomputer double RO ZYDC control system.

1. Multi-level operation menu.

2. Backlit Liquid crystal display( Resolution:240*128; Size:66*33mm).

3. Real-time animation mode display.

4. Perfect management functions like RO and ultra-pure water making, water taking,system circulation and disinfection,etc.

5.Ultra-pure water circulation to extend the life span of consumable parts within ultra-pure water purification system.

6.Automatic RO membrane anti-fouling flushing and manual forced flushing procedures to extend the life span of RO membrane.

7.Comprehensive system maintenance and safety alarm:

8. Equipped with USB Host interface to support historical alarm records and water taking record data export function, to facilitate the later access to historical operation conditions data.

9.Adopt more advanced, user-friendly membrane push button to take water.

10.Semi-transparent medical grade PP material do not produce secondary pollution.

11.Humanization design of manual/automatic water taking mode,Timing(1-99min),customization water taking (10-18.25MΩ.cm)

Consumable Replacement Time:

High TDS Water Purification Machine 2 Stage Reverse Osmosis RO System

High TDS Water Purification Machine 2 Stage Reverse Osmosis RO System

*. ICP-MS(Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry), Molecular biology techniques;

*. Ultra trace analysis, Electrophoresis, Electrochemistry, IC(Ion Chromatography), HPLC;

*. GFAAS(Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry), Molecular biology;

*. ICP-AES(Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry);

*. Mammalian and bacterial cell culture, Plant tissue culture, Qualitative analysis.

High TDS Water Purification Machine 2 Stage Reverse Osmosis RO System


High TDS Water Purification Machine 2 Stage Reverse Osmosis RO System

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